‘There are no jobs’ he says as he drags his tired feet through the familiar corridors of his work place where he has served diligently for 20 years. Little did he know that his son (whose soles were often worn out) once confided in me that the shortage of vacancies was ‘nagging’ him and that, the only hope he had was in a continuous prayer that God can smile upon him for once to create an opportunity. Irony is what I call this with a thin line of dishonesty separating the job-keeper from the job-seeker! Another encounter I had was with these 2 individuals I worked with whose character traits involved bad mouthing. As time went on, I observed one thing they had in common, an open dislike for the other. Details of their bickering aside, with the intention of criticizing the mannerism of the other. Talk about the need to stare in the mirror first before passing out intellectual artillery, huh! Neither ladies nor gents want to look bad before their peers; their conduct, sense of style, hangs outs, associations / clubs to mention a few. With the dynamism of the world, we are free to explore our heights and grow. One thing that irks me in this regard is sacrificing others to ‘fit in’. ‘How will I look before my friends?’ they say, when faced with a decision to choose that which appeases others than you. A local Ugandan artist in sang a particular lyric that caught my ear; ‘bagala’lina’ meaning they only want those who have. This the inclination raises the urge to want to belong and, at any cost. While seated in a matatu en route to Kawempe (my home), we pass through sub – urban areas like Kasubi and Kawaala the latter being a low lying area prone to flooding and subsequent nuisance. Passengers (including myself) always mention one word ‘balabye’ meaning sorry for them. Who says natural hazards or catastrophes are asked for, poor victims would trade their place willingly for your comfortable one. Phrases such as these which contradict the speaker tend to evoke a sarcastic thought in my mind and truthfully, judgemental or critical as this may sound, our actions do not speak louder than our words. Watch out before you utter.



It has been 2 days after people world over marked World AIDS Day. I had the day to myself so I reflected on the significance of this day in the lives of many families but also took time to read a book and learn something new.

Later in the day, I was surprised to stumble upon some old notes I had scribbled down in my diary from the Author’s Forum; an initiative begun by a friend of mine to inspire people and share with authors/inventors of new ideas. They [notes] were about Success and the guest speaker that day was Dr. Ian Clarke (will he be Makindye’s next LC III we’ll wait and see) who is not only a Doctor but an activist for change in his community which has made him a darling of the locals. I value his words of wisdom and he did not fail to deliver that day as the Guest speaker. He shared about reading and writing which in his view go hand in hand; the more you perfect the two, the better you become as a person inwardly and outwardly.

This reminded me so much of my Literature class days where we would spend time reading large volumes of novels even after the syllabus was done. Little did I know that the more time I spent reading, it helped to compose my thoughts, stay disciplined and have a focus on life without even realizing it. I would only be told about particular traits I possess by family or a close friend. After that presentation by Dr., I understood why.

The so called busy world got the better of me and I slackened and what is funny is that I have noticed the negative change; talking too much, impulsiveness, panicking, procrastination and sometimes failing to stay committed to resolutions. This is truth time! I cannot say through writing and reading, I will find the ultimate solution to my inadequacies but, I think through doing some things daily, we train ourselves to be better; better decision makers, understanding partners/lovers, considerate colleagues and above all a great value to the societies we live in. I miss that part of me and hope to relive that ability to be consistent. It is better to discipline yourself than wait to be saved all the time.

I am glad for this awakening and wonder how soon O can read that book next to me. J


The first thought that may have crossed your mind the moment you glanced at the title of this write up dear reader, is that the author is a mother well…I won’t go there. All I wished to do was to put together a sweet piece in appreciation of those persons in our lives who may not necessarily be classified as ‘authors’ in their own right but rightfully are, our first source of inspiration. From the moment we take our first breath on this earth til the day we pass on. Whenever I travel long side my mother, say in a taxi, I never want to miss her words of encouragement, warmth and above all her stories. They vary from her personal experiences while growing up to life shared with people. Ordinarily speaking, we ladies love a good tale and the more elaborative the content the better. No wonder women tend to make great teachers because we love talking and sharing generally. I wont delve into how good the female species is in ‘talking’ I will only tell you how as an individual I am awed by how a story told to me can change the way I think, speak, decide or plan. My love for mama’s stories and counsel is based on this fact. I am reminded of how she has taught me to pay attention to detail and how this truly saves me from some incidences of haste and trouble. Many mothers will always pay attention to detail in almost everything they do including nurturing their children lest they be referred to as the reason for their misconduct. I think the amazing part of being a mother is that they possess an unending data bank, only waiting to be tapped into. A mother is always longin to have her wisdom unfolded towards the soul that seeks. Dear reader, even if you have grown to maturity, never forget to seek inspiration from the wise words of that special person you call ‘Mum.’

The Heart weeps

I am seated in this dark room, no need for the lights they only remind me of this dilemma. She seeks an answer to my whims and pains but at what cost! Could she just reach out and tell me that which hurts her so. All this time, the anger, pain, anguish and feeling of nothingness. Guess why she takes it all….for 246 to be.


Name of New Joint

Can you believe it,

I never thought i would ever blog…</p